We busy at the tree farm doing a little spring cleaning


Spring has Sprung!

 spring 2015

spring 2015 5 spring 2015 3 Spring 2015

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It is a beautiful day here at the tree farm! Call today and speak to our logistics manager to schedule receiving your spring plant material.

Loading at the Tree Farm

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We are busy here at the tree farm shipping plant material now that spring is among is! Call today and speak to our logistic manager to schedule for your orders to be delivered if you are ready for your material! We look forward to hearing from you and hope you are as excited we are to get this shipping season underway!

Protecting the Trees

Protecting from the Cold 2-18-15 Protecting from the Cold 2-18-15 3 Protecting from the Cold 2-18-15 2

In addition to trying to stay warm, we are working hard to protect our trees during this cold wintery weather

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Cold Weather

The cold weather has made it to Gibsonville. Here is a few pictures of our beautiful pot-to-pot farm this chilly morning.

Pot-to-Pot 2-18-15 5

Pot-to-Pot 2-18-15

Pot-to-Pot 2-18-15 4

Pot-to-Pot 2-18-15 3

Pot-to-Pot 2-18-15 2

Shrubs in Containers

Shrubs in Containers 4 Shrubs in Containers 3 Shrubs in Containers 2 Shrubs in Containers 1

The Pot-to-Pot are coming along. Check out these newly planted shrubs in containers.

Expansion Continues

Pot-to-Pot Expansion 2-3-15 Pot-to-Pot Expansion 2-3-15 9 Pot-to-Pot Expansion 2-3-15 8 Pot-to-Pot Expansion 2-3-15 7 Pot-to-Pot Expansion 2-3-15 6 Pot-to-Pot Expansion 2-3-15 2 Pot-to-Pot Expansion 2-3-15 3  Pot-to-Pot Expansion 2-3-15 5

We are still working hard on expanding our Pot-to-Pot farm and plan on having a large amount of product available this upcoming year. We are very excited to see where this is going, and hope you are as well!

Green ‘N’ Growin

image (19)

We also had a great show at Green ‘N’ Growin in Greensboro. NCNLA did a fabulous job putting on a show to remember. We were very proud to be the recipient of the NCNLA Best Wood Ornamental Booth award. There were a lot of great booths there, so it is very rew



We hope everyone had a good turnout at the MANTS Tradeshow (picture shown above). We enjoyed getting to see each of you there and we appreciate you all stopping by our booth!